Fiction Hanley VIP Review

Fiction Hanley VIP Review

Usually, the words Stoke on Trent and luxury experiences aren’t discussed in the same sentence but on the odd occasion, you can find a hidden gem experience here and there throughout the city.

Best known for its arts and culture Stoke on Trent also has a rather interesting nightlife scene. Sadly over the years, nights out aren’t as good as they used to be. But all the same, you can’t go wrong with a VIP booth experience. Especially if you’ve got a little extra cash to splash and want a small taste of the high life for a few hours.

Fiction Hanley

It looks so innocent when it’s empty

It was a Friday night like any other when after a few drinks we decided to hop into a taxi and go up Hanley to see what was occurring. We went to the only club that ever seems to rack up good attendance numbers at the moment and that’s Fiction. A multi-million-pound nightclub that usually plays some cracking music and is spacious enough to not be dry-humping everyone in sight when you walk around.

At most nightclubs, you usually have to reserve VIP booths in advance due to numbers and allocations. On this occasion, however, there were a few booths free. Unaware that a booth was included I approached the bar and asked for some Dom Pérignon champagne. After my first taste of Cristal only last Sunday at The Shard I thought I’d give this one a try too.

Fiction Hanley VIP Review

I have a sneaky feeling that Dom Perignon wasn’t exactly a best seller at this particular venue. The waitress looked at me dumbfounded for five minutes wondering what exactly I had just asked for! After she went to fetch a senior member of staff, a gentleman came over and said we had access to a booth and if we wanted our own security we were more than welcome. This was a nice touch. We were escorted to our private booth and our champagne followed with some fancy fireworks attached to it. The booth was just out of the way of the dance floor to be somewhat private whilst still making you feel a part of the atmosphere.

It was quite surprising to see the treatment we received thereafter. Every need was catered for. A dedicated waitress for the table and security who watched over our booths bags and belongings we had left behind when going out onto the dance floor.

Sadly I didn’t spend all that long in the club as I needed to rush off but the treatment I received in such a short space of time was wonderful. I’m in the process of rounding up a bigger party and going again real soon!

Crotch shot.. classy

Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want to experience a slice of luxury for a night you can’t go far wrong with a booth at Fiction Hanley.

Thank you to all the staff at Fiction Hanley on Friday night for your hospitality. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer!

If you’re interested in getting a booth at Fiction Hanley for yourself and your friends head on over to –

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