Ride In Style With A Blacklane Mercedes S-Class (Review)

Blacklane Mercedes S-Class

I haven’t had a Mercedes S-Class with Blacklane for over two years. Oh how time flies! I remember sitting in the car for the first time in awe of my surroundings and all the cool gadgets and gizmo’s the car had to offer. My birthday was fast approaching on July 30th and I was attending an event down in London and wanted to arrive in style. Look no further than Blacklane. Here is my Blacklane Mercedes S-Class review.

Blacklane made sure I was linked to an S-Class driver as I asked specifically for this car and when I exited London’s Euston train station on  30th July there it was with my name sitting in the front window. The beautiful Mercedes S-Class.

Blacklane Mercedes S-Class Interior

Blacklane Mercedes S Class Review
Complimentary water

Myself and a friend jumped inside the car and were greeted with screens on the back of the chair. In a split second we were tucked in with our complimentary bottles of water, mints and more. Adjusted the headrest and heated seats, put the TV on and laid back in relaxation bliss. The S-Class is easily one of the most luxurious vehicles I have ever had the pleasure of travelling in. By the time we got to the event I didn’t feel like leaving the car it was intense comfort from start to finish.

Our driver was very polite and the smooth transaction from booking the ride to the driver picking me up was faultless. I had booked my car in less than 10 minutes and received my confirmation text the morning of the trip. The text confirmed my drivers name and phonenumber. I still wish they would text me a day or two before my trip date just incase they couldn’t make it. But each and everytime i’ve used Blacklane, there has always been a driver waiting at the other end.

Blacklane Mercedes S Class Review
A selection of magazines and endless seat controls

Blacklane Mercedes S-Class Overview

I’ve spoken to many chauffeur companies in London lately. Many take a decade to reply or simply don’t reply at all. Some even try to pawn you off onto their more expensive services. With Blacklane I had replies to all of my emails within 10-20 minutes. Every question was answered, every need was catered for and every problem was solved. That is real customer service from a reputable company. They went above and beyond to source me the car I wanted on the specific date and time I asked for and it all felt stress free and effortless. I emailed on the Friday (28th) and the car was there on the Sunday. Perfect.

A huge thanks to Blacklane for making me feel like a superstar when I stepped out of the car and walked straight into my event. We got quite a few stares and compliments from people of the car upon our arrival. It was really a great way to turn up in style and it made my birthday all that more memorable.

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