Anokha Bar To Serve Naga Chilli Cocktail – HEAT WARNING

Anokha Bar

The award-winning restaurant Anokha bar in the heart of London is very unique with it’s range of imaginative dishes and cocktails. But the restaurant has gone that extra mile by adding a new addition to it’s collection of traditional offerings.

London’s Anokha bar is proud to present:

The Anokha bar Naga Chilli Cocktail

The Anokha naga chilli cocktail is a secret recipe that includes the 500,000 scoville unit rated chilli. A drink guaranteed to blow your throat into a new dimension. I remember last year when I completed (only just) a naga chilli curry challenge and it’s something i’ll never do again (for free). The heat is insane, the sweating, feeling drunk. It’s a crazy experience.

The heat gets hotter and hotter with every passing minute but my god did it taste good! I’m probably a bit crazy and you need to be a little crazy to even attempt to try this. People who have tasted the fiery concoction report burning gums, hallucinating sensations, extreme sweating, stinging eyes and fainting.

Anokha Bar

During my curry experience I couldn’t talk properly as my tongue felt swollen (it wasn’t) but all english language words had eluded me.

One drinker described their experience: “It bites deep into my mouth, gums, tongue and threatens to overwhelm my other senses; my ears are throbbing and I begin to sweat. I’m not quite hallucinating but I reckon it’s close, I certainly couldn’t speak in any intelligible fashion as my mouth and brain had stopped functioning!”

Take a look at this video below where a group of people try naga chilli vodka for the first time.

So if you’re ever travelling around London on a cold winters day and want a very sudden warm up you know exactly where to go! You’re guaranteed to go from freezing to melting in a matter of seconds.

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