Luxury Phone Designers Vertu Forced Into Liquidation


British-based company Vertu specialised in making luxury high end smartphones costing thousands upon thousands of pounds has been forced into liquidation.

A plan to save the brand was put in action but sadly it failed. This news comes as quite a shock and to a brand that was at the very highest end of the luxury smartphone market.

Phones made from gold, diamonds, sapphires and more. With prices starting around £11,000 and models going as high as £40,000. The company’s liquidation will result in a loss of nearly 200 jobs.



Vertu phones carry hefty price tags – its Signature range starts at £11,100, and one model featuring 18-carat red gold costs £39,100.

Ian Fogg, An analyst at IHS Technology spoke to the BBC about the liquidation and had the following to say:

“It is very unusual, they hand make the phone at incredibly low volumes and they were incredibly high-priced”

Vertu phones ran on a Nokia Symbian operating system to a more updated Android platform in 2012. The one issue that Vertu phones always had was that they were great looking, but essentially terrible phones to use. The equivalent of an old outdated phone with some bling thrown on the top. No one wants an old looking phone. Just look at the image below, would you rather that or a brand new iPhone. It’s an easy choice isn’t it?


Vertu Says Goodbye, But For How Long?

Nowadays companies can customise smartphones with gold plating, diamonds and other precious stones after purchase. This means that any device and model can be brought and customised rather than sticking to one particular model.


We’ll be sad to see you go Vertu and who knows. Chinese owner Hakan Uzan will still keep the licenses, brand and technology. So maybe we’ll see a comeback one day with some sweet OS and once again Vertu, or even a rebranded company. Will be at the height of the luxury phone game.

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