How to Quit Your Job and Make Money Blogging About A Passion

make money blogging

It’s the dream we all share. Financial independence doing something that we love. In this article it’s all about following a passion and guiding you to make money blogging. If blogging is not for you then I have no idea why you clicked this article. You litte curious George you.

So you go onto YouTube and after one too many Tai Lopez and John Crestani adverts you decide enough is enough. I hate my job, I want to become financially free and make money blogging. Goddamn you Tai for Instagramming with beautiful ladies every day!

Besides the fancy cars, mansions, yachts and beautiful women (or men) bloggers have a different outlook on life (mostly). We just want to spend more time enjoying life, being free of the 9-5 shackles and have the freedom to work where we want, when we want. It’s a modest dream that is achievable. It really is.

Are you forever questioning you skills as a potential blogger? Have no idea how to make money blogging? Do you feel that spelling and grammar will be you downfall? I thought that too (I still think that). Look through what i’ve just typed above and I gurantee you there will be a mistake or two, or three in there somewhere. Look at any of my articles on Back to the Movies. I gurantee there will be mistakes on there too. Not many people seem to care a great deal and the site is still one of the biggest independent film sites in the UK run by me and me only. I’m not saying be intentionally sloppy or lazy in your writing, all I’m saying is that people are very forgiving when it comes to little mistakes here and there. Just don’t mess up every word and you’ll be just fine!

My Little Story

Have you ever woken up one day and realised you despise everything about your 9-5 job? The people you work with, the boring routine, working your ass off to make someone elses pockets heavier. That’s exactly what happened to me and I decided to do something about it.

That particular job in question was getting me down. I would always cringe at the thought of working at this one place in five or ten years time. Not achieving anything and seeing the same people over and over again, equally as bored with their jobs as I was. Knowing I could be 40 years old one day and feel like i’d missed so many opportunities to create memories. That thought haunted me every day.

Time To Make A Change

I walked into work, handed in my notice, told them I wanted to do my own thing. Walked out. Didn’t say goodbye to a single person. That’s how much of a great time I had there. Not.

make money blogging
2 months after I walked out of that shitty job.. but I was still stuck with the shitty hair!

After my 21st birthday I had a little collection of videos from celebrities wishing me a happy birthday. Strangers who had never even met me were kind enough to record these messages for me. It made me think of how easy they were to reach. I set up a film blog, interviewed some of the very same celebrities and Back to the Movies was born. I started reviewing films, speaking to independent film companies and grinding away on my blog that was getting a cool 10 hits a day. Great huh?

What happened next?

Within the first few months or the first year of blogging. People give up. The stats are low, Google doesn’t think you’re an authority yet, you’re still learning (I still am) all the ins and outs. You have to really push through that barrier and get over the low traffic. Be thankful for each and every visit you get. You’ll get there, the only thing stopping you is yourself. Power through, it’ll be worth it one day.

Two months after becoming self employed I offered my help to a film company out in Los Angeles. I started working on social media during a crowdfunder for their movie. Once the crowdfunder did well as a result of my social media I was invited out to the states. Flown Premium Economy (my first little luxury travel taster) to Los Angeles for three months to work on pre-production of a movie I’d raised finance for. It was a dream come true.

Up, Up and Away

My first trip to America and my first independent journey alone. But that wasn’t the best part. Months before this happened and being the Horror nut that I am, I used to read Hollywood Monster, an autobiography of actor Robert Englund (Mr.Freddy Krueger himself). This book along with Kane Hodder’s Unmasked biography inspired me greatly to go out and chase my dreams. These two books combined inspired me take the leap into self employment. It was almost fate to hear that the two actors linked to the film I was working on were both Robert Englund and Kane Hodder. Coincidence is an understatement! I’m proud to say that now years later, I can call Robert Englund a friend. I’ve still never met Kane, I always spoke to him through Skype calls and emails. I’ll meet him one day thou I’m sure!

make money blogging
Backstage at London Film and Comic Con. Only a handful of people have witnessed Robert Englund getting into his Freddy Krueger makeup. I’m proud to be one of them.

Four years later and I attend the BAFTA’s every year. I get to work with some cool companies. I got featured in the Amazon bestseller A Million Dollar Blog and I get to watch free movies and get paid to talk about them. Not only that but I get to work on films, market products and advertise companies in my own time and I have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Make Money Blogging

Sit down. Grab a coffee, or something stronger and have a good think about things you are interested in. Something you could talk about every single day and never get bored of doing so. Something that you feel others would be interested in also. Finding a niche is the one thing you must do before you even write a word down on your first blog post. There may be a gap in the market for the very thing you’re so passionate about.

Try using Google Keyword Planner as guidance. Type in your passion, hit the search button and see what the competition is like for your chosen keyword. I’ve typed in Sports Cars as a keyword example and as you can see it has low competition. What’s even better about this search term however is that between 100k and 1 million people are searching for this term a month. It’s popular and there isn’t much competition. Bonus!

This was a suprising search to me as you’d think people would be constantly writing about sports cars. So to hear the competition is low means there’s a nice little way in there. Instantly there’s a gap in the market where you can dedicate your site to strictly sports cars if you have a passion for them, of course.

make money blogging

What To Do Next?

Now all you need to do is write high-quality blog posts and then follow a blog marketing strategy. See how it goes and adapt each and every day with new, unique and engaging content.

Reach out to media outlets who cover your niche and sign up to press release mailing lists. Build your content up before reaching out to people about advertising and paid work. As you can see above the term sports cars has a Β£2.93 suggested bid for advertisers. Throw up Google Adsense on your website and you’ll be getting high paying ads to drive in income. This once again relies on traffic and how many people click on these adverts.

In Conclusion. Never be afraid to inject your personality into an article. It always makes for better reading. Back to the Movies talks about movies the way I talk to my friends about them at a pub, club or anywhere else. I hate those movie reviews that use big words to sound all fancy and instantly alientate their audience to other people who love that rubbish.

Want to quit your job and become a professional blogger?

You really can

Want to make money blogging and get paid to talk about things you love?

Believe it and it’ll happen.

I believe in you. Get out there and get started. Dream it, Achieve it.

make money blogging

If you’re STILL stuck on how to get started and write an awesome blog post check out this awesome article here.Β 

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