The New Aston Martin DB11 Is A Thing Of Beauty

Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin has taken it’s obsession of beauty, added some aerodynamic asthetic and put a heap of performance into the prestige model that will be the Aston Martin DB11.

Our British beauty looks the part. The height of British class mixed with punchy performance. The Aston Martin DB11 has lines and curves that blend together. The DB11 has woven like slopes as thou it was made by a furniture specialist rather than a car company. Nothing feels out of place. Smooth Aston Martin, very smooth. James Bond would be proud.

Aston Martin DB11

The bonnet consists of a huge aluminum clamshell. Aluminum in this particular size is hard to manufacture and it just about made it in this current size. It’s currently the largest fitted clamshell on a production sports car.

Under that beautiful, big clamshell bonnet we have a 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12 that sounds similar to weightlifters roaring after picking up those heavy bars. 600 bhp of beauty and 0-62mph in around 3.9 seconds. If that wasn’t enough and if you keep your foot down long enough. You’ll hit around 200mph at top speed.

The Aston Martin DB11 Has An Interior of Beauty

Aston Martin DB11

The interior of the Aston for me is a thing of beauty. I really think it’s up there with the class of the Bentley Benteyga. Luxury leather seats provide quality comfort. Anywhere you turn in the DB11 you are met with high end comfort and luxury. Aston Martin pride themselves on making their drivers feel like the top dog. You certainly feel prestigious in the passenger seat let alone the drivers seat!

In conclusion the DB11 is easily the next contender for the new James Bond car. Luxury, heritage, performance and eye watering beauty make the DB11 one of my favourite Aston Martin cars to date.

Prices start around £144,900 whilst some models can fetch an event taster number. More details can be found HERE.

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