Mens Fashion Advice – Mixing Designer with High Street Brands

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In this article I’ll be giving my opinion on this controversial angle of mens fashion. Those six words that make fashion designers across the world wince, cry and die a little inside. Those six words that turn your designer happy mogul into a quivering Zoolanderish wreck.

Mens fashion. Mixing Designer with High Street Brands.

First of all, in full disclosure I’m an advocate for wearing designer with high street brands as long as they compliment one another. The balance has to be right. For example, wearing Adidas tracksuit bottoms with brand new Christian Louboutins is quite frankly fashion suicide but who knows, maybe one day a crazy trend like that could come into play. But you see where I’m going with this? Wear them wisely and they can compliment one another so well that you’d think the high street brands are actually worth a hell of a lot more with the right accessories.

Outfit On This Particular Day

mens fashion
boohoo jeans – £15, boohoo knit jumper – £22, LV Damier Azur Belt – £310, Adidas Tubular Shadows – £75

A perfect example of this was when I went out to meet an old friend recently. I threw on a Boohoo knitted hoodie, some Boohoo black biker jeans and accessorised with an Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Belt, Atoyelstone solid silver bracelet, a Rolex Daytona,and a reasonably priced pair of sneakers that is quickly becoming one of my all time favourites, Adidas Tubular Shadows. I’m not afraid to admit that I buy high street brands. Every passionate fashion conscious person knows you’re paying for just a name. For exclusivity, for bragging rights, to make a statement or for better craftsmanship of the same materials you can find on the high street. It’s just common knowledge. We all buy it for that very reason, to feel exclusive, to bask in the higher quality and more.

Anyways, the second I saw him the first thing he said was “Look at you, all big time, wearing designer clothing”. Naturally my ego wasn’t going to inform him that 75% of the clothing I was wearing cost a total of £100 maximum.

mens fashion
Aside from the belt. Can you tell what is designer and what is high street?


The point i’m trying (and dragging it out in doing so) to make here is that you can upgrade your high street clothes with designer accessories to compliment one another quite well. Most luxury designers always have high street counterparts because that’s the ‘in’ fashion right now. How many times have you walked through Primark and have noticed the new ripped clothing trend?

Primark now looks as thou a tiger has run rampage throughout the store and torn up all the stock! But it’s the new fashion and brands like Amiri and more are charging 4 figure sums for a very similar thing. I don’t blame anyone for walking into Primark and picking up something scarily similar for 95% less cost price. But I also don’t blame someone who wants that exclusive, expensively beautiful work of fashion art.

Purchase Glaringly Obvious Designer

Have you ever walked into a mens fashion designer outlet and have seen an item so plain you would question if it was even designer? An item with absolutely no marketings or indication as to it’s origins? The only way you know the item is designer is because the shop you just walked in just so happens to have the brands name above the door.

My top tip for pulling off the high street / luxury cross over is to purchase designer goods that are blaringly obvious. The brands that shout their names so loud that everyone knows who they are. Louis Vuitton and Gucci monogram patterns are recognised worldwide. Throw on a Louis Vuitton belt or carry a Louis Vuitton bag and instantly your whole image is boosted by this one designer item.

mens fashion

In Conclusion

Let’s face it. If you can afford a luxury item then no one is going to question anything else you’re wearing. The natural assumption will be that you’re wearing more designer items than you actually are.

Don’t be ashamed of walking into TK Maxx picking up some clothes and then heading to Selfridges or Harrods straight after. Hold your TK Maxx shopping bag in hand and walk in with pride and your head held high!

Mix it up, go crazy, because at the end of the day. Fashion is universal. Love it, no matter where it’s from.

Just a little bit of mens fashion advice from yours truly.

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