Louis Vuitton Marco Wallet One Year Later Review

Louis Vuitton Marco Wallet

A year ago I strolled into Louis Vuitton and finally made a purchase that was worthwhile. No key pouches or little bits and pieces that I’d never use. I took the jump and went for the Louis Vuitton Marco Wallet in Damier Graphite. I’d be using the wallet day in and day out for as long as it survives.

After watching various reviews of the item, it was constantly being praised for it’s build quality. Made from Damier Graphite style print canvas and cowhide leather lining the Louis Vuitton wallet is easily one of the best wallets I have ever purchased.

For those who have read a few articles on the site previously, you’ll know that I’m not a huge fan of the new orange Louis Vuitton boxes. Thankfully when I purchased my wallet a year ago the beautiful brown boxes were still available. That beautiful high end feel, the sexy smooth leather pull tab and that dustbag that wraps it’s cottony fibres around your treasured item. You just can’t beat it. Why oh why did they have to go environmentally friendly and ruin it? A luxury brand, that offers luxury items should never downgrade their packaging quality for no one!

Louis Vuitton Marco Wallet One Year Later

Louis Vuitton Marco Wallet

One year later my Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Marco Wallet still looks brand new. Not a scratch in sight, still as perfect as ever. Not a stitch out of place, not a mark, spill or piece missing. All of the reviews that I saw of this great item before I purchased were absolutely spot on. An absolute gem of a product and a Louis Vuitton item that I’m proud to own.

I’ve seen some videos on YouTube of a Louis Vuitton wallet still holding up after ten years! That is crazy. It’s a little frayed and worse for wear but it’s still useable. You wouldn’t think it was ten years old by a long shot. For a high quality wallet, you’re paying a high quality price but my god do you get your money’s worth over the years!

Check out my little unboxing video below:


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