Game of Thrones® Montegrappa Pen For Those Rich Superfans

Game of Thrones Montegrappa

A pen fit for kings and queens as these beautiful limited edition pens from Montegrappa are even woo’ing me with their charm and i’ve never even seen the show!

Gasps can be heard as you read the statement above but sadly I’m not a fan. I am however a fan of this beautiful pen. Following the first set of pens celebrating the great houses in Game of Thrones. Montegrappa has issued a new series of limited edition Iron Throne pens. Capturing the essence of the most coveted seat in Westeros, the Iron Throne pens will provide fans with a talisman to cherish.

Montegrappa’s artisans have fashioned a cap formed of overlapping swords representing the seven kingdoms. Their hilts rise above the cap’s top to create a crown, the pommels and blades running the length of the cap itself. Standing proud is a sword that serves as the pocket clip, its hilt bearing a fiery red ruby.

Game of Thrones Montegrappa Pen

Insane Montegrappa Craftsmanship

At the cap’s top, surrounded by the swords’ hilts, is the Game of Thrones logo. Along the pen’s barrel, artwork in die-cast. Polished and burnished precious metal represents the saga through symbols evocative of the houses, from dragons to stags. Details of the pen are enriched with Flaming White celluloid.

Limited to 300 fountain pens and 300 rollerball pens in Sterling Silver. Denoting the year of settlement of the last of the Targaryen Kings (300AC). Seven exclusive fountain and rollerball pens cast in solid 18k gold represent the number of Kingdoms. The fountain pen is piston fed, with nib traditionally made in 18k gold and engraved with the image of the throne itself.

Prices start from £3,500 with the gold pen going for a cool £41,075. So if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones then you better get saving!

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