Rwanda and Galápagos Announced For Four Seasons Private Jet Journey

Due to the popular demand of Four Seasons current private jet journey’s they’ve added even more to their locations list. Starting October 19, World of Adventures will be taking guests on a journey across 8 different countries with new destinations added to the list. Those locatons are Rwanda and the Galápagos Islands.

The Four Seasons Journey Begins

24 days, yes 24 days, starting in Seattle where you will begin your journey. You’ll fly to Kyoto in Japan, explore the beauty of the land and learn all about samurai sword fighting. You will receive a private dinner at a renoun temple and your journey will continue to Bali and the Seychelles.

Jungle journey’s in Rwanda and a bespoke cruise through  the beautiful Galápagos Islands. This really is the height of luxury travel and experience. Guests will swim with sea lions and snorkel with manta rays. I hope you have Instagram because you’re probably going to be insta famous by the time your trip concludes.

Four Seasons
Jungle Journey

All journeys will be made on Four Seasons’ very own private jet. 52 passenger seat plane of a refurbished Boeing 757. Beautiful reclining leather seats (like Vue cinema) an on board private chef, 24/7 concierge and on board WiFi so you can get those Instagram photo’s uploaded in no time.

A once in a lifetime trip that you’ll treasure forever. Every need catered for as you explore the beautiful planet in which we inhabitate. Rely on the expertise of our dedicated Four Seasons Private Jet team, whose personalized service allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment to its fullest.

This trip suits me down to the ground. I’m terrible at planning and knowing that every single detail and concern has been taken care of. It just blows me away.

Timeless Encounters and International Intrigue begin at $135,000 USD, based on double occupancy. World of Adventures begins at $138,000 USD, also based on double occupancy. Click Here for more details.

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