Maintain That Summer Glow with Bondi Sands Mens Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands Mens Tanning Foam

Way before I heard of Bondi Sands Mens Tanning Foam I was in Los Angeles for three months. Out in the sun every single day and not once did I tan or burn. It always astounded me as not a drop of sun cream was ever used and I thought I was some sort of untannable leather skinned superhero. Finally after years of going abroad and never tanning I finally got a healthy brown tan in Majorca. Granted I did look like a lobster before it tanned and that’s with using suncream this time!

Coming back to the miserable weather of the UK there was no way I was letting my tan disappear this time. I’ve never had one before so I’m going to hold on to it by any means necessary and preserve it like a fine wine.

I’ve never looked into fake tanning before. It’s usually an area of bodycare targeted towards a female audience and well, Donald Trump. I don’t want to look like a ripe orange, or an umpa lumpa so the idea of fake tanning didn’t really appeal. This was until I read an article about this new product aimed at a specifically male audience.

Bondi Sans Mens Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands Mens Fake Tan

Specially designed for men only, the Bondi Sands Mens Tanning Foam is a shaving foam style mousse with a masculine scent. None of these flowery or female fragrant scents. This was a mans fake tan that apparently smelt like regular mens body lotion. I popped down to my nearest Boots store and picked up a bottle to see what the fuss was about.

As described on the bottle the tanner is a mousse that instantly absorbs into the skin. Almost vanishing instantly which is a little tricky if you’re trying to physically see where you’ve missed a spot. Make sure every inch is covered and whatever you do, don’t miss a section!

Bondi Sans Mens Tanning Foam Fragrance and Packaging

Bondi Sands Mens Tanning Review

The fake tan smelled great. It reminded me of those body washes you get free in an aftershave box every christmas. A real masculine scent and it was very easy to apply and within 10 minutes had dried without any stickiness. I hear many female tanning products are sticky after application and will happily turn your bedsheets orange. The next morning when I woke up my white sheets were still white (thankfully) but my skin was a healthy brown. The tan is a gradual tan so it slowly builds up over time and on the bottle it says to apply daily. With the natural tan I had already received from holiday I don’t feel the need to put it on again tomorrow, so once every 3-4 days would suit me just fine.

As far as the packaging goes the bottle itself is made from aluminium the same as any deodarant can. It easily blends in on any bathroom shelf. It doesn’t stand out, it isn’t glaringly obvious and can be easily mistaken for shaving foam or a hair product.

In Conclusion

Sean Evans Bondi Sands
Love the natural look!

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam For Men is the perfect product for men who want that Australian glow. It’s easy to apply, the tan looks natural, it smells great and best of all. No orange!

As with all tanning solutions, wash your hands just incase and keep away from fingernails just incase. I can imagine your fingernails would look like they’ve been stirring a pot of curry if you got any tanning solution under there.

Highly recommend. For £11.99 I really cannot complain with the price either. Strangely it’s £13.99 online so make sure to grab a bottle in store!

Bondi Sands Mens Gradual Tanner can be purchased online or from any Boots or Superdrug store.

To view more Bondi Sands range of tanning products then CLICK HERE

This post is NOT a sponsored post funnily enough. It’s a product that I brought and throughly enjoyed and wanted to share. If anyone at Bondi Sands ever reads this, I await your free products as a thank you.

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