Apulia Becomes Home Of The Sixth Ferrari Cavalcade


The travelling Ferrari Cavalcade of over 100 Ferrari’s from across the world gathered in Apulia, Italy this year from June 21-25. Due to the exclusivity of the event only the most loyal customers and collectors can attend. Everyone gathers together and shares their passion for the prancing horse. Nothing sounds more perfect than driving in southern Italy while being a part of a fleet of Ferrari’s!

A Taster of the Ferrari Cavalcade

First of all the “base camp” of the Ferrari Cavalcade was at Borgo Egnazia. From there, all participants made their way along scenic routes. Soaking up the Mediterranean charm and driving their Ferrari’s through the most beautiful sights of southern Italy.

Ferrari Cavalcade Apulia
Photo taken by Jeff Grossbard

Matera, a Basilicata town that was named 2019 European Capital of Culture is easily one of Day 1’s highlights. Atfterwards the Ferrari’s will be pushed to the limits in an acceleration test at the Gioia del Colle Italian Airforce Base. Castel del Monte, Trani and the old city centre of Bari were part of Day 2’s activities. These locations add more of an artistic and historic significance to the trip. Day 2 included a stop at the Autodromo del Levante race track where drivers competed against one another. Whoever went up against the LaFerrari was probably crying before the race even started! In conclusion the Cavalcade comes to a climax with a gala dinner at Polignano a Mare.

Ferrari Cavalcade
Photo taken by Jeff Grossbard

Registered for the event were such cars as the F40,F50 and the Ferrari Enzo. But let’s forget the one million pound jewel in Ferrari’s crown the LaFerrari Aperta. An iconic car that symbolises Ferraris’ 70th anniversary this year.

Photo taken by Jeff Grossbard

The LaFerrari is just breathtaking and it seems like it’ll be an iconic benchmark for the brand of Ferrari for many years to come.

For more information visit https://www.ferrari.com

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