Off to Cala D Or Majorca We Go!

Cala D OR Villa Property

A rare occurrence in the UK is a sunny day, and at 5am in the morning the sun was blazing as the country I was just about to be leaving started to hit a mini heat stroke. Bellowing temperatures of 30 degrees as my lift arrived to take us on a vacation to Majorca.

From one sunny location to the next we were picked up by an executive travel van very similar to the Mercedes vans that Blacklane (Link) use or possibly even the very same. A smooth, luxurious ride later and we were at the terminal. No queues, instant walkthrough security and there we were literally 15 minutes later tucking into to a rather scrumptious Full English Breakfast.

Jet2 Fights

The luxury part of the trip was somewhat diminished when we hopped on board a Jet2 aircraft to our destination as I don’t believe any big branded aircraft actually fly to the island but I was actually very surprised by what this ‘budget’ airline had to offer. This is a luxury site thou so the word budget always leaves a sour taste in ones mouth. Adequate leg room, an on time flight and a questionable Mac & Cheese meal later we had arrived at Palma airport in a flash. The time literally flew by as I was glancing over the duty free magazine and browsing the magazines on offer.

Cheap Flights

What I didn’t know was that Jet2 actually offer a luxury segment to their journeys. You’re still on the same low budget planes but you get priority boarding, complimentary drinks and a 5 star hotel included as part of your package in addition to a private vehicle to chauffeur you to and from your destination. This is something I may actually look into as the hotels looked absolutely incredible and it would be interesting to review the experience as a full package rather than just a generic hotel review.

Moving on.

It was around an hour’s drive from Palma to Cala D’Or as I took in all of the spanish sites, the roads were very scenic, really showing off that mediterranean landscape. We arrived at the villa and after seeing pictures on the internet I knew what to expect but when those gates opened, oh my. It was like the pictures were of a completely different property. This place was huge, insanely huge, Hugh Hefner pre-playboy mansion party huge. The villa had private gardens, four storey’s, it’s own pool, outdoor shower, a living room that looked like it was pulled straight out of the Warner Bros set for Charlie Sheen’s beach house on Two and a Half Men, a sauna (no idea why that was there), four bedrooms and one even had a bathroom that Scarface could be proud of. Not only that but the top storey of the house was part of the penthouse room, and you guessed it. That was mine!

Cala D Or Villa

The room was situated at the top and whilst the room was spacey the bathroom was no bigger than your average garden shed but it didn’t matter. The whole room had a wrap around balcony overlooking the ocean and our gardens below but that’s not the best part. The room was actually two storeys and just outside around the corner of the wraparound balcony were more steps, like a stairway to heaven as the rooftop outlook had a full 360 degree panoramic view of Cala D’Or from the ocean to the yacht club, to the other luxury villa’s surrounding us. Just standing up there for even a few minutes left me speechless, which for anyone who knows me, is a rather difficult thing to achieve most of the time!

Cala D'Or Villa

I’m going to be staying here a while so knowing I get to indulge in this villa built for a bond villain makes me smile and right now, as I type this in my rather comfy air conditioned penthouse bedroom. Life feels pretty good right now. It hasn’t exactly been the greatest of starts to a year. Health problems, projects up in the air, lots of waiting on others. But sitting here, typing this and hearing the ocean waves crashing in the distance, just takes me away from those things, makes me feel proud that I even managed to get projects to pay for this trip.

Lights off, it’s been a long day. Let’s see what luxury Cala D’Or brings us tomorrow.

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