Novitec Create a Customised Ferrari 488

Novitech Ferrari

Novitec are a German tuning company who have gripped their hands tightly around a 488 and turned 22 of them into customised beasts named the N-Largo. 11 in coupe’ form and another 11 as droptops. The additions to the car are Novitec’s renoun widening body kit and a superio increase in horsepower bringing the N-Largo to a 772bhp monster which is a whole 102bhp increase on the original model.

A new exhaust system gives the N-Largo a roar as it tears around the track in the clip below and from a standing start the N-Largo can hit 0-62 in 2.8 seconds.

If for whatever reason you want to turn that power off a simple switch on the steering wheel can be flicked off to reduce any engine strain and gets you to the shops and back without leaving the village you just left behind in a gulf of flames. In addition to this switch there is a hydraulic lift kit installed so you can get over those speed bumps with ease. A nice practical solution that lets be honest, should have been on the car already.

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