Losing Individuality in Social Media Marketing

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Over the last few years I’ve specialised in grassroots marketing, an area of marketing that I feel comfortable with. This would involve building a new product from scratch in addition to building a following and implementing a strategy that enhances pages to the next level of their development.

Upon researching numerous pages run by both small and large multi-national companies a good proportion of them all follow the same robotic rules as the next and as a result lose any sort of individuality or brand identity. All of those pages kind of merge together not only with their competitors but the dull monotonous process of uninspired social media marketing.

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Most companies have your generic marketing department with a manager calling the shots, making the decisions and instantly that already reins your creativity in somewhat as you cannot roam free with your own ideas and dedication without running your ideas past someone else for approval. I feel this greatly damages any sort of free-roam creativity especially in a business environment. From researching various pages the ones that seem to stand out for me are the smaller independent business’s, the independent bloggers or companies that can post whatever they want as they just go with the flow and push the boundaries of attracting an audience and building a loyal following. Once the shackles of authority have been removed you can tell which companies are more lenient towards their freedom of marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, many multi-million dollar companies have great marketing strategies when it comes to adverts, publicity stunts and campaigns. But without name dropping any examples head on over to the first big brand company you can think of and take a look at their FaceBook or Twitter pages. Do they look uninspired? Are they constantly promoting themselves in such repetitive nature that it becomes almost boring to read? It may not be the case for all brands  but for the majority of you looking at your chosen brand’s pages right now, it’s going to look pretty boring and dull even if the brand behind it are full of life, energy and creativity. If a company’s motto doesn’t reflect in the brands social media pages then they’re missing the bigger picture.


You may be discovering a brand that has millions of followers and thousands upon thousands of comments from fans asking questions, relaying concerns or saying nice things about you but when you scroll through those comments you could probably count on one hand the amount of times that brand has replied to their followers. Isn’t the whole point of social media is to be ‘social’, to be active in speaking to the people you want to directly promote your product or market your content to? I don’t exactly expect a social media manager to reply to every single one of those comments as that would be over saturated and makes the company look far too accessible but to reply to concerns, questions or even convey some sort of human personality across your pages would be a good start towards driving more consumer loyalty. To this very day in the year 2017 this still isn’t being applied to many big named brands. It’s the smaller independent brands who treasure their customers more as they are just that, small and appreciative of whomever stops by to take a look at their pages.

What Can You Do About It?

It may be time for a shake up. Inject some personality into your pages that heavily reflects on you as a brand. If you’re a far out snowboarding brand bring some of that attitude towards your posts, if you’re a tech company take the formal and knowledgeable approach with your customers, if you’re a blog reply to your fans about pages they’ve commented on, discuss ideas, be accessible if you’re new and then when you build a larger following and replying to everyone becomes more and more difficult then only pick out certain comments to reply to and form productive discussions.

The bigger the company the less they care about their customers. It’s sad but true. Setting up a customer service line to have you waiting on hold for 30 minutes before you are spoken to isn’t caring about your customers just like ignoring every comment on social media isn’t exactly connecting with your consumers either.

A small minority of companies have got it right but the large majority are still way behind and it’s sad to see. If you can affect how your pages are managed then never lose that individuality of yourself as a person and never lose the individuality of yourself as a brand.

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