Ferrari’s 488 Challenge Enters Competition for the First Time

Ferrari 488 Challenge

Drivers took to Laguna Seca for the first race in the 488 Challenge in North America. The drivers said “Its more power, more torque. Its more agile. The car takes off.”

Drivers came to grip with the cars immense power, improved aerodynamics and sophisticated electronics.

The next step of the Ferrari Challenge is Montreal, Quebec. Over 40 488 Challenge and 458 EVO cars will take to the grid in practice sessions this Friday.

Montreal presents a new set of difficulties. Located on an island adjacent to downtown Montreal, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – named for the great Canadian grand prix driver – has none of the dramatic elevation changes that marks Laguna Seca. Instead, the track features several long straights followed by hard braking zones, testing driver fortitude as they approach tight chicanes and hairpins. As the course is on an island, drivers will also come within inches of the numerous guardrails and concrete walls that ring the track. Drivers will have to be extremely accurate throughout the weekend to avoid the danger these walls pose.

Best of luck to all of those involved!

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