Exploring Cala D Or

Cala D'Or

Day two of the Cala D’Or started like any other, walking down 3 flights of stairs in a big ol villa about to get breakfast.. yeah right! It’s not every day you wake up to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing unless you’re listening to oceanic atmospherics volume one through some headphones.

The curtains drew open to sparkling sunshine and if you’re a fan of hot weather you know that feeling all too well and what a great feeling it is.

Cala D Or Villa

A quick road trip around the area taking in the sights and another luxurious drive through the city centre before embarking on a bit of a road trip that ended up with a stop at a spanish McDonalds. Thank god they had the self order computers set up otherwise we may have been there an awfully long time as no one in the entire area bar touristy hotspots spoke a word of English. The best thing about this McDonalds thou is that they had an entirely different menu than the one back home. I had no idea Spain had Grand Mac’s (Basically a Big Mac on steroids) and I had to go for one of those, but they had such a wide variety of burgers that i’d never even heard of as they haven’t yet graced our shores but hopefully soon. I only thought that the Grand Mac’s were rolled out in the US to satisfy their diabetes enhancement requirements but it seems Spain has them now also. Like I always say, I feel like an American trapped in an Englishman’s body so onwards I went with my heart burn inducing order. My oh my, did it taste good!

The Grand Mac

On our way back to the villa we spotted some restaurants to take a look at and we headed out in the evening for another dining experience. The topic of the day really today as apart from the odd museum, castle and scattered markets Cala D’Or is more of a place to relax rather than home to many touristy things. It’s much more of a place for refined, relaxing living surrounded by some lovely apartments, villa’s and restaurants a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean sea.

Once upon a time (that makes me sound old) I’d have been club hopping and raving but now at the ripe ol age of 25 and mostly down to health issues large amounts of alcohol and raving the night away is just something I feel i’ve grown out of. I’d much rather kick back, relax and be surrounded with good company than getting drunk for the sake of, getting drunk. We popped on down a path and found a huge cliff edge surrounded with lava style rocks. So we took a deep breath, packed our big boy shoes and headed over the rocky surface and towards the edge. I’m a terrible swimmer and I’m scared of heights and whilst the height wasn’t anything substantial there’s always a niggle in the back of my mind of something spontaneously horrible could happen at any given moment. Maybe i’ve just seen too many Final Destination movies. Funnily enough over the lava rocks there had been some custom made path that led down the rock face and towards the ocean to a man made dock for a small boat. Even better, we found a table and chair literally sitting next to the cliff. It was a beautiful location to eat a meal at, but one windy day or even a chair leg snapping could have been made that meal a last supper. Once again, with big boy shoes on, I took some cool shots.

Cala d or landscape

Whilst these posts aren’t always going to be luxury related, due to me only covering from a travel angle. I did happen to see a few luxurious shops on the main street as we came through the town including a Tods store. So at some point during this trip i’m pretty sure i’ll stop by and take a look.

Cala D Or

Oh how I pray we get the wi-fi working properly in our little villa before the weeks end. Apologies in advance for the lack of posts over the last 2 days, I just simply haven’t been able to get onto a network other than my mobile data (Thank you EE for my EU free roaming upgrade) but I sure as hell aren’t typing up an article on me teeny tiny iphone screen.

Until tomorrow. Goodnight!

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