Dare to Play the Million Monopoly?

Paco Rabanne

Thankfully this isn’t a sponsored post as I’m not a huge fan of the Paco Rabanne fragrance, not because it isn’t a nice fragrance, it’s ok. It’s just more the fact every man and his dog now smells of Paco Rabanne. Go out into your local high street and count how many times you catch a whiff of that Paco funk. It’ll be a suprising number of times.

lady_million one_million fragrance

Both the mens Paco Rabanne million collection bottles have been revamped with a Monopoly vibe on the bottle and upgrade more swanky looking packaging. The company is allowing you to win some of these custom packaged fragrances and gold monopoly boards, which admittedly look real, real nice.

You certainly won’t stand out from the crowd wearing the fragrance but that Monopoly board is going to be one hell of a collector’s item!

Play to win HERE

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