Custom Navetta 33 Superyacht Unveiled

Nevetta 33

Measuring 33 metres the Navetta 33 is a brand new superyacht that will soon be cruising over the waves. The Navetta is to have it’s official presentation in Ibiza on July 29th and 30th. Whilst the general public can get aboard at the Monaco Yacht Show. Five happy customers have already purchased this state of the art boat.

For those who know their yachts the Navetta 33 actually debuted several years ago. The Fettetti group have since decided to give her a redesign. As a result, out came the makeup brushes and the group went to work on the facelift. With it’s ship like design and naval architecture features it’s stylings are actually based off the Navetta 37.

With room to accomadate up to 10 guests the Nevetta isn’t short of space. Across it’s four decks the Navetta has multiple lounge areas. Six bathrooms, interior and exterior dining as well as it’s own swimming pool on it’s sundeck!

Navetta 33 interior
Old Navetta 33 Interior for reference

“Thanks to its special charm and its innovative features, cutting edge technology and superior design, it outclasses every other boat within the same category. It’s essentially in a league of its own,”

Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO.

Take a some video footage of this beautiful Navetta 33 yacht

  Watch video!

The Ferretti Group are also working on a larger model of the 33. The 42 will become the largest Navetta ever built.

Navetta 42 will consist of four or five guest suites that grace the lower deck. In addition there is a spacious owner’s suite situated on the main deck. The yacht comes with five different engine options to suit any buyer requirements needed and early data suggests that the bog standard version will offer a transatlantic range of more than 3000 nautical miles.

In conclusion both the 33 and the 42 look like stunning yachts. I’ll be making sure to keep a close eye on future developments.

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