Atolyestone Mens Custom Solid Silver Bracelet Review

High End jewellery

There are many luxury jewellery websites on the internet and i’m always flicking through the visual libraries of Instagram looking for eye catching new products. Upon doing some research I came across numerous images of these incredible bracelets that people had been sharing like crazy, so I decided to look into them further to see where they came from. I was very surprised to see that the company was based in London. The company’s name was Atolyestone.

Atolyestone specialise in making high-end men’s jewellery with their focus on leather bracelets in addition to traditional bead and charm bracelets with silver and gold customisation options. The personal touch doesn’t stop there thou, these handmade pieces can be tailored with gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds that will really step up your wrist game to a whole new level. It isn’t just men’s jewellery on offer as they also have a selection of Women’s jewellery to browse through also.

High End Packaging

I decided to reach out and enquire about reviewing one of the men’s bracelets and was surprised to get a response. I was asked to wait 14 days (the usual wait time for customised pieces) tell them my wrist size and to expect something in the post in the near future.

Beautiful Atoylestone Packaging

Today’s the day the package arrived. I ripped open the shipping box and low and behold there it was. Many jewellery brands lose me instantly from their packaging alone.  I’ve received drawer boxes that were made so poorly in the past that they couldn’t be opened properly and had to be physically ripped open. A company’s attention to detail especially when it comes to packaging always makes a great first impression. Atolyestone could give Louis Vuitton drawer boxes a run for their money. Wonderful quality and presentation with Atoylestone embossed beautifully on the top of the box.

Box and Dust Bag AtoylestoneWhat’s In The Box?

Inside the box, a fabric dust-bag lays in wait, made from good quality material. I open it up and inside the bag, there it sat. The Atolyestone mens custom bracelet. Atolyestone decided to send me the solid silver bracelet with the initials MDB on the front. A tribute to Million Dollar Blogger which was a really nice touch.

The moment I opened the dust-bag the scent of the nappa leather hit me. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh leather? The scent that luxury fragrances around the world base some of their most iconic creations on. I took the bracelet out and it oozed quality, from the double clasp at the back to the beautiful silver hardware that dons the piece. When I took the bracelet out of the bag and saw the circumference I literally thought they’d sent me a kids size. When fully opened and wrapped around my wrist however it fit perfectly. Goddamn my tiny little T-Rex wrists!

Atoylestone Bracelet

It’s clear to see why so many people are purchasing Atolyestone products. An independent brand that is adding touches of real class to their items with their customisation options. I feel the customisation really gives you that personal, unique touch. A true statement piece which could be 1 of 1 in the entire world. That exclusivity is what every luxury brand needs for it’s high-end customers. For people on lower budgets however, don’t worry! Atoylestone have you covered with a vast range of products to meet all budget requirements.


Fast delivery, a great product and beautiful presentation. Check out Atolyestone’s full range of products HERE.

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