$1,000,000 R2-D2 up for Sale On Online Auction Site

In the current Profiles in History auction they have a R2-D2 pieced together from various pieces that spanned the range of Star Wars films from the original trilogy to Episodes I & II.

For the sum of one million dollars you can own your very own piece of cinematic history.

How Much?!


The million dollar pricetag is the minimum amount set for this iconic piece and would take a dedicated collector a museum to part with that kind of money to acquire this beautiful and equally rare movie prop

Late actor Kenny Baker was the man inside of this iconic R2-D2 costume and this auction comes with the only known hero aluminum dome in the public domain. The other ones belong to the man himself, Mr. George Lucas.

Star Wars

Made from aluminium, steel and fiberglass elements R2-D2 would be the pride of place in any Star Wars collection or home cinema set up. Film museum collections around the world should be lining up to own this beautiful testament of sci-fi history. Whilst this R2 unit doesn’t come with any electronics, inner workings or mechanics it really doesn’t need them. It’s a work of art and it just takes my breath away knowing the amount of passion and love that went into constructing this iconic character.

Movie Prop

If you have the money and the love for Star Wars. The price is merely a number whereas the nolstagic feeling and rarity of this little droid, is priceless.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the auction.

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