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I thought I would leave it a couple of weeks after setting up the new site before I wrote a little review on the book that made this website possible.

The Million Dollar Blog is written by Natasha Courtenay-Smith and is an essential guide for anyone who wishes to start a career in the blogging world. With inspiration stories from various bloggers in their own niches, coupled with helpful advice and guidance, The Million Dollar Blog is an inspiring, motivational and encouraging book. A book that makes you want to get up and start writing something you’re passionate about.

Whilst the book is a little long winded in places you quickly realise that this book is not the ‘make a million pounds overnight’ scam. The highlights of the book show that you need equal parts passion, dedication and work to make a blog popular and it won’t be easy unless you have the determination to power through and create something special. It’s a realistic approach that stays very level headed in it’s tone and doesn’t get carried away with itself.

Available to purchase on Amazon

My own piece of personal advice (as stated within the book) is to write about something you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about something then you’ll quickly become bored of writing about it on a daily basis and the blog, just like your dedication will fall.

I’m quite honoured to be included in this book amongst some very influencial bloggers. It’s certainly a book I would pick-up regardless of my inclusion in there. I am forever picking up business marketing books and always learning how others have adapted their craft and if blogging is an avenue that you’re interested in starting then you can’t go wrong picking up this incredible book.

The Million Dollar Blog is available to purchase on Amazon HERE

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