Noble Chairs Icon Series The Ultimate Definition of Luxury


One look at this chair and instantly as if by magic your feel the need to sit on it and escape to a far off land of relaxation and tranquil calmness. You may just think it’s only a chair but the attention to detail and exquisite finish makes it truly a work of art.

As much as the above sounds like an advertorial plucked from a sponsored post press release I assure you it’s just me, staring at a chair wishing my bum was slightly more comfy as it is right now, As it stands (or rather in this case, sits) i’m on a chair older than 7 years and all I can feel is uncomfort as my spine is contorted much like your local circus act.

The shape of the ICON chair provides ergonomic stability and minimises pressure on the body over long periods of time. Essentially the opposite of what my current chair is doing to me now. Accompanying the chair are two luxurious embroidered and adjustable pillows that provide additional neck and back support.

Noble have created a chair that wouldn’t look out of place in the highest of Bentley car models with it’s top grain leather and hand stitching. Priced at £519.95 you can Pre-Order one today from Overclockers UK.

Hopefully the guys at Noble Chairs or even local company Overclockers UK read this write up one day and take pity on my aching backside and send me one to review. One can dream right?

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