Mr.Burberry Fragrance Review


The Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum is a new intense interpretation of the original Mr.Burberry, capturing a sophisticated essence of the esteemed gentleman and projects confidence, swagger and a sexual aura.

Thank you to Burberry for sending me a sample of this to test. The sample was well packaged in a simple hotel booklet that would hold your room key card, except this room key card smelled real nice. Quite a nice little touch by Burberry styling even their sample packaging around their target audience and symbolising the sexual nature of this warm, woody scent.

Mr. Burberry Sample

I caught a whiff of tarragon and a smokey almost dark aroma but the moment the scent hits your nostrils, oh my. It really does capture all of the highlights that Burberry are promoting and more. Instantly you could be wearing a tuxedo after a swanky London event as you take your date back to your hotel for a late night-cap. It doesn’t smell cheap, it’s a very mature and inviting fragrance rather than one that portrays a cheap one night stand. It has a Christian Grey elegance to it with a dark side layered within.

The bottle pays homage to the beautiful Burberry black Heritage Trench Coat (An item I hope to get myself this winter) and with it’s sleek design and a hand-tied knot around the bottle neck, it’s a simple yet elegant design that can be customised with your initials on the bottom of the bottle free of charge.

Purchase this beautiful fragrance today right HERE.

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