A Balenciaga Summer Essential


Last summer I took the leap and picked up a pair of Extra Blanc (White to you and me) Balenciaga low shoes and whilst I got the sizing a little mixed up (DOH) the rest of the shoe was on-point. Balenciaga’s run a size big so I got a UK 9 when infact I should have brought a UK 8. Why they make shoe sizes bigger or smaller and label them as the wrong size is beyond me but either-way mine had a bit too much room in for my liking but yet I still wear them as they look so smooth. The pain is sometimes worth it.

White crinkled lamb-skin leather with palladium hardware make up the Balenciaga arena range both high and low models. They ooze a summer vibe and is very famous sneaker among celebrities.

The softness of the lamb-skin is easily the best material i’ve felt on a shoe and they go with just about anything. They do get beaten up pretty easily so becareful where you wear them, with the rubber outer sole any really rough terrain is just out of the question. Smooth surface, nice weather and you’ll get years of use out of them.



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