A £550 Fidget Spinner?!

fidget spinner

The craze that is sweeping the nation the fidget spinner, similar to Beyblades when I was younger but way less fun.

Said to relieve stress, help with ADHD and more, the fidget spinner is certainly the IT thing right now and you can pick up one for as little as £1 off eBay. But there are a few companies out there who are stepping up the fidget spinner craze into the luxury market.

You can buy 24k gold plated fidget spinners and more but I found one on the net that costs £550!

The Bathgate Artifact Spinner is made out of stainless steel and milled to perfection using CNC milling and lathe machines.

Would you really throw £550 down on a damn fidget spinner? It’s not a fashion statement, you can’t exactly go around being proud of your expensive kids toy, so what purpose does it have?

The worst thing is that right now at the moment, these are all sold out!

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