$1.7 Billion ‘Marsa Al Arab’ Project in Dubai


The project dubbed Marsa Al Arab will be built on either side of the world-famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai.  Considering the Burj Al Arab is such an iconic stand-out piece of Dubai skyline it does seem a shame to ruin it by surrounding it with more tourist showcases. You wouldn’t build either-side of the great pyramids so why the Burj? Anyways I digress..

The project will add 4 million square feet of artificial land to the area. One side will be a family-orientated hotel, expansion of the Wild Wadi Waterpark and a Marine Park.

On the other side however there will be 140 luxury villa’s and a new boutique hotel.

Don’t get me wrong the hotels, the villa’s, the water park will all be incredible. I just wish they chose a different location.The project is estimated to be complete by late 2020.

If you share the same feelings as me about this build by all means get in touch, let’s chat!

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