New S-Class Wants to be the World’s Most Luxurious Car

Mercedes Still

Mercedes Benz’ have tweaked their already luxurious S-Class and whilst it may look the same on the outside other than the bumper and the exhaust tips there have been some major changes elsewhere.

The new S-Class has a brand spanking new six-cylinder diesel engine.  The now named S560 has a 4.0-litre biturbo with 463bhp. There is an electric version called the 560e that can run 31 miles on electric power alone and for true petrolheads there is a V8 engined S63 and a V12 S65 to choose from.


2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan

Another feature of the new S-Class is it’s semi-autonomous driving mode allowing the car to automatically accelerate and brake the car within a speed limit.

The latest S-Class features one of the most advanced semi-autonomous driving systems ever made. Dubbed Distronic Active Proximity Control, it can automatically accelerate and brake the car within a speed limit, plus provide its own steering for up to 30 seconds at a time. I mean that sounds awesome but after watching a certain scene in the brand new Fast 8 movie, I’m going to be very wary of any form of autonomous car in the future.

(C) Mercedes-Benz. S-Class Sedan Interior

The interior still comes with two beautiful screens and a choice of heated massaging seats, ambient lighting and music options.

When I first used Blacklane for a tour around London I was in the original S-Class but now, oh my god. Upgrade quick, quick, quick I want a go!

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