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After years of the timeless brown packaging fashion house Louis Vuitton made a bold and brave move to change their entire packaging last summer in a homage to their old house origins.

The new Imperial Saffron colour of packaging is inspired by old Louis Vuitton heritage pieces and comes accompanied with a beautiful saffron shade ribbon on all bags and boxes. Early personalisation details were used in 1854 onwards by the house and the combination of the colours do go incredibly well together.

But did you prefer the old packaging?

What’s New?

So aside from the box colour, the sizes have also changed for many of the boxed items, the in addition to the dustbags and the raw cotton tabs instead of the classic leather pull tabs. Louis Vuitton claim the tabs give greater resilience during transport.


Overall I do like the new packaging but the colours don’t feel, unique. They actually remind me of another luxury brand instantly that I won’t care to mention but some of that unique essence has already been lost. Comparing the old packaging with the new, well, here is no competition. The old packaging had such a timeless and classic feel all year round, where-as the new packaging feels like a summer show-off rather than a year round classic.

Louis Vuitton are focusing on sustainability and more environmentally friendly packaging which is great, but isn’t that just a nice way of saying the new packaging is cheaper to make? I mean the cotton tab on my key pouch arrived all frayed and it looked really tacky in comparison to the beautiful leather tabs of old.

The boxes feel less sturdy and even the receipt holder that your documents arrive in feel cheaper than the previous holders.

I can understand the new direction the fashion house is taking for the future but my only concern is, at what cost?

There is a silver lining thou however. The monogram key pouch that arrived in the new packaging was made from what felt like a thicker canvas and it looked fuller in size. Coicidence? I’m not entirely sure.

Whether Louis Vuitton are saving money on packaging to produce even better products than usual is yet to be seen. If this is exactly what they’re doing then I cannot complain about what is at the end of the day a group of very tiny insignificant issues with their new packaging. I feel as thou they should be praised for going in a bold new direction whilst still paying a nice homage to their heritage but at the same time it also feels like a bit of magic has been lost from this global superstar brand.

What do you think?

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