Feel The Heat With Doritos

Heatburst crisps

So I received an email this week from Dorito’s who said they were going to send me a hamper of their new range of crisps to snack on when I’m writing about movies, watching films or working on a production. Even now whilst typing this post I have a bag of BBQ flavour Dorito’s next to me to help me get through the next few paragraphs so whatever I’m doing I’m certainly putting them to good use.

The new Doritos Heatburst contains a subtle taste then slaps your mouth around a bit when the mini chilli capsules mixed into the tortilla release as you crunch. The crisps come in two flavours, a nice soothing Chipotle Cream and a BBQ flavour but once you bite, hold on tight, it gets a little spicy.

Whilst the heat isn’t too crazy, it does sneak up on you due to the fact that the BBQ and Chipotle Cream flavours start off so smooth and subtle so you can instantly detect a change in heat after a few crunches. I had one crisp and it did absolutely nothing so grab yourself a small handful and the heat creeps up on you just that little bit quicker. It’s a nice heat that you can handle very similar to the equivalent of a very fresh jalepeno or green chilli.


Doritos never asked me to type up a review or post the crazy little Instagram video that I did (below) but with them being so nice as to send me some freebies, it felt right that I should write up a little something for them.

Thanks Doritos!


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