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Elemnt Phone Cover

Scrolling through Instagram at all of the various luxury goods pages that I follow I stumbled across a company by the name of Elemnt. Based in New York City Elemnt create luxury goods from Snakeskin, Aligator skin, Italian Marble and more. Intrigued by the concept of having a snakeskin iPhone cover and redeeming an offer that they were currently having I went ahead and purchased a case for my iPhone.

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I’m still living in the past when it comes to my phones, I may be one of a very select few of people left in the world that still use an iPhone 5S and with the phone model being old the cases were naturally cheaper compared to their most recent iPhone 7 cases. The website advises that the items take up to two weeks to be crafted as they are all hand-made and shipping could be a further two weeks which was understandable. Only a matter of days after ordering thou I received an email that my item had shipped, I guess I must have ordered on a quiet day as that was quite the turnaround.

(C) Elemnt

Two weeks later and the case arrived this morning. The case came in an unbranded thin cardboard box and was resting inside a velvet style bag was my case and it looked great upon first glance. You can upgrade your packaging with a beautiful customised glossy Onyx black box stamped with your name on that comes complete with a phonecase and card-holder. Now that looks like one classy piece but just giving normal customers a bland, unbranded box for the normal priced items (not exactly cheap) is quite a shame in the presentation department. A thicker cardboard or a drawbox with some branding on it would have been a nicer touch.


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The cases are made from a TPU rubber shell that felt sturdy and very well made and it fit on my phone so snugly and perfectly, the main issue I had however was with the snakeskin. There was a little piece of snakeskin leather just hanging off the end of it, with a few scales lifting. I can understand the scratches on a delicate leather so that’s not an issue or problem, it was more the fact the scales were already lifting which is something they only tend do after a long period of time. I’m not sure how long ago the leather was treated (if at all) or how long the leather has been sitting on a shelf somewhere but to have it lifting quite drastically the second it arrived was a shame.

Overall I do love the look of the case, the 24 karat gold stamp on the back of the case is a beautiful touch and it really does catch some attention when you’re out and about. I’m quite dissapointed in the quality of the leather for a product that retails at $150 but for it’s unique quality alone and the fact I’ll be using this regularly anyways, I’m not too bothered about it getting more damaged in the future, that’s a natural thing to expect with any phone case. I just wish it arrived in better shape and if I hadn’t have used a discount code I probably would be requesting a refund. Either-way it still looks hot!

Regardless of some of the issues I will be looking to purchase a snakeskin or marble cover for my MacBook in the weeks to come.

Head on over to https://elemnt.co/ to see all of the various products on offer.

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