Dealing With Negativity


In a world surrounded by negativity on a daily basis, whether it’s the news, the streets or online trolling, hate or discrimination is something we will always encounter negativity at some point in our lives.

When relating to setting up a new business, venture or idea you will face your fair share of critics. The simple fact that you’re doing something off your own back and trying to make a future for yourself will draw negativity from those who feel that they cannot do that themselves, or envy you for having the courage or ability to do so. It’s a crazy world where jealously and hate is sadly all a part of being successful. You only have to take a look at celebrity culture to know just how much more hate there is than love out there and that’s a sad truth to come to terms with.

Dealing with it however is easy. Ignore it. Easier said than done thou right? Let it sail above your head as you have to think to yourself, if people are being negative towards you, they know about you, your name is getting out there, you are progressing towards a stage you want to push yourself towards. With any project i’ve been a part of there has been a fair share of negativity that has come my way, but the more and more I push forward I know i’m getting somewhere and no comment or action can stop me from me getting to where I feel I deserve to go. You take it on the chin and move on and if you’re quite cocky like me you might occasionally stir the controversy a little, but hey, that’s just me and my big mouth. You can take the boy out of Stoke but not the Stoke out of the boy!

The more you continue to prove the haters you are progressing things seem to settle, it’s not like their comment could crash your entire business or ruin your entire life. Keep posting, keep pushing, keep showing them that no matter what anyone says to you, you’re still going to achieve more than they ever could and in the long run, your proof of success will trump any hate or abuse.

Don’t brag about your success just let your Lamborghini do all the talking.

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