A Water Based Chiron? Bugatti Niniette 66

Bugatti Yacht

Not ones to shy away from self promotion and bragging rights, Bugatti have styled a luxury yacht around their brand new Bugatti Chiron supercar. This water toy spreads 66-ft and comes complete with a  jacuzzi and a fire pit on board.

(C) Bugatti

The yacht was actually made back in 2015 but designer Palmer Johnson stated that the yacht has been redesigned to look like the Chiron with it’s unique styling and two-tone colourway.

(C) Bugatti

Every inch of this boat compliments the car but also feels unique in it’s own right even if it has been inspired by one of their greatest creations. The yacht is powered by a Man V8 engine capable of 1,000 horsepower that can propel the boat to a top speed of 44 knots. A 1,200-horsepower version is also available.

(C) Bugatti

Just look at that bedroom, it looks so chic and incredible you’d think you were staying at a 5-star hotel.

Pricing for the Bugatti Niniette 66 is available on request but be quick only 66 of them are being made.

Read more at – https://www.bugattininiette.com/

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