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So this summer i’ll be heading to Cala d’Or in Majorca for a much deserved break and as usual I went about my routine clothing / accessory purchases as most do before going on holiday.

Suddenly clothes you’d never wear in a million years at home start to appeal as everything looks good in the sunshine.. right?

Upon browsing through various sunglasses, accessories and swimming shorts for the pool, I remembered back to when I first walked into a Louis Vuitton store and saw Azure canvas in person for the first time. It was plastered all over a women’s speedy bag and it just looked like the perfect design for any hot climate / summer vacation so I logged onto the Louis Vuitton website for a quick browse.

(C) Louis Vuitton

Literally the next day I was on a train to Birmingham to head towards my ‘local-ish’ Louis Vuitton store. I’ve been to the Louis Vuitton store in Manchester Selfridges numerous times but it’s very hit and miss with what kind of treatment you get in there. Most sales assistants when I’ve been in the past were walking around with iPads helping out customers so naturally they’re busy but others that i’ve witnessed were always staring aimlessly into the distance as thou they were dreaming of working in the Paris store one day. Granted this was a while ago where I felt rather intimidated by the staff members there, I almost felt as thou they felt they were to important to help me with what I needed or gave me a vibe that made them instantly unapproachable but upon recent visits there are new staff members at the Manchester Selfridges and all of them have been absolutely lovely.

The Birmingham store was world’s apart from some of the past experiences I’ve had at the Manchester Selfridges store. The Birmingham store is a stand-alone boutique and as the security guard opened the door I was greeted with two lovely young girls who were friendly, always smiling and extremely helpful. I’d rang up the customer service hotline the day before to have an Azure belt reserved and not only did they already expect my arrival but they had already set it to one side ready for me to take a look.

(C) Louis Vuitton

After speaking to two sales assistants and a manager about the work I do, this review etc etc time just seemed to fly by. The purchase was made and it was so fluent, so easy and one of the best shopping experiences that I’ve had in a long time. It was seamless, perfect and stress-free. It did help knowing what I wanted before I went and it did help tha the item was reserved but all the same, it’s always best to prepare in advance especially with popular luxury stores.

I got home with my new LV ‘Imperial Saffron’ shopping bag that is slowly growing on me although I still feel the old chocolate brown boxes and packaging were better quality and better looking but that’s already been covered in my LV Old Vs New Packaging Review.

The belt came in a very thick well made dust-bag and it looked great, I instantly went to try it on an old pair of dark jeans that I had just to see how it looked and I wasn’t disappointed. I still haven’t taken the protective plastic off the belt buckle just yet. I’ll save that for the first day of the holiday. There’s something weirdly satisfying about peeling the plastic off something brand-new, whether it’s a belt, a new phone or well, just about anything really.

With it being a sunny climate that I’m jetting off to I feel as thou I could get away with some white jeans and go Tony Montana style, the Azure belt would look fantastic on white and then a dark colour on top to contrast the jeans and belt would be suitable.

The Damier Azure belt from Louis Vuitton is a summer essential for any luxury enthusiast and should be in anyone’s luxury collection. The Damier Azure belt is available to purchase in-store and online here.

Roll on Summer!

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