Win a £10,000 Production Suite With Me and LaCie

LaCie prize Sean Evans

£10,000 production suite and mentor session with Oscar winner, Michael Paleodimos up for grabs as LaCie launches #Pushplay short-film competition

It’s been a long time since I was a judge at the Manchester Film Festival back in 2015 but launching today is LaCie’s #PushPlay short-film competition. LaCie have asked me to be one of their judges for this years competition. An honour for me to be a part of an opportunity that gives burgeoning film makers the opportunity to submit a short film with the ultimate prize of winning a £10,000 state-of-the-art production suite from LaCie.

In order to take part, participants will have to create a short film up to ten minutes long, to showcase a strong emotive performance, an exceptional plot, outstanding and imaginative skill in visual interpretation, all tied together by first rate technical effects – from lighting through to post-production. Emerging film makers will have until 17 April 2017 to submit their entries and then my work begins.

For full details about #PushPlay, please visit

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