What Inspires You?


Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms. An event or location, a lightbulb moment, a person, an object or an experience. These are all things that can inspire you in various different ways.

What inspires us helps us to not only appreciate what’s possible but to enable something within our own lives that we can aim to achieve ourselves. A quote you see on the subway, a meme you see on social media, a famous book you’ve read, a person you’ve met or merely holding something created with such detailed or unique qualities that just leave you awe-inspired.

Find out what inspires you and from there you can find your passion. Find your passion and you can find your future.

For me, Matthew McConaughey said it best in his 2014 Oscars speech when he picked up the award for Best Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. He said there are three things in his life that he needs each day. Someone to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase. He also said when he was asked who his hero was that it was himself in ten years. Ten years later he still wouldn’t be a hero it would be the person ten years ahead of him. So no matter how many days, months or years pass he will always be forever chasing his own future, always trying to beat the 10 years before and always giving himself something to look forward too.

That speech has stuck with me ever since I saw it and you can check it out right here below. Skip to 1:50.

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