Warren Buffet’s Beach House For Sale

warren buffet home

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Laguna Beach House he bought in 1971 is up for sale!

Starting from an incredibly young age, Warren Buffet’s life revolved around money and after a string of jobs and investments he amassed his financial fortune. Success inspired more success and today, often referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha,” he is the third richest person in the world worth a cool calm $78.8 billion.

Few probably knew that in 1971 he also purchased a house in Laguna Beach for $150,000 – before the area was so highly developed and expensive. Today, his beach house is in an exclusive gated community that sports multiple tennis courts, swimming pool and beach volleyball courts among other amenities.

Buffett has put the beach house on the market after having a bit of a make-over. At 3,588 square feet, the Laguna Beach house is very contemporary with six bedrooms, seven baths, big windows, sculptured ceilings and recessed lighting to spotlight the home’s modern art, a long fireplace and multiple built-ins. Two of the bedrooms have private entrances so guests can come and go without disturbing others. All rooms, including the large family room and decks, have ocean and beach views and the rock cliffs spilling onto the beach of Emerald Bay. Laguna beach is such a beautiful place to live and with this property you can just picture yourself enjoying the beautiful californian sunshine with family and friends a stones throw away from the beach.

The house is listed by Bill Dolby of Villa Real Estate. Priced at $11 million.

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