Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV

TV Frame Samsung
Samsung’s newest TV is a rather strange yet interesting concept. Merging art with function the TV camouflages itself onto your wall and with both the 55″ and 65″ models they feature the ‘Invisible Connection’ technology which uses a fine slim cable to hide clutter on your walls. With the no gap wall mount the TV can be set flush to the wall which really gives it that smooth hanging picture frame asthetic.
As mentioned above when the TV isn’t being used for it’s sole pupose it can enable it’s frame to art mode where the TV will display hundreds of digital works of art.
No information has been shared in terms of the specifications (Hoping for a QLED display) but it’s nice to see that Samsung is pushing the boundaries of home-entertainment technology. Surely it’s only a matter of time before we have those futuristic screen holograms that act like windows gazing upon The Grand Canyon or scenic views of your choice.

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