Porsche Design Tower is the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Miami Design Tower

Porsche’s Design Tower in Miami has already sold 95% of the apartments which is insane! Each apartment overlooks Sunny Isles Beach and the Miamoi skyline, each apartment comes complete with all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmo’s but the main feature is your very own Porsche displayed in your apartment for all to see.

(C) Porsche

A drive-in lift allows you to park your Porsche in there and whisks your car up to the apartment where they remain on show behind glass like works of art in the centre of the building. Whilst it is a Porsche building however, you can display any number of sports cars in your apartment should a Porsche not be your personal car of choice.

(C) Porsche

Other features available exclusively to Tower residents are:

  • vehicle-concierge responsible for maintenance and valeting
  • private restaurant with individual, chilled wine lockers and an outdoor lounge facing the ocean
  • spa and fitness centre with integrated beauty salon, yoga and massage rooms and an outdoor heated pool
  • west-facing sun deck, offering views of spectacular sunsets
  • golf simulator, private cinema and computer games room

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