Part-Time to Full-Time. Taking the Leap.

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Writing posts in your spare time in-between your full-time job or occasionally on weekends is the first step towards generating bulk content. As your content grows and you start promoting your site, your traffic increases and your opportunities can also increase as a result. Depending on your topic, your post frequency and the quality of what you’re posting you may just find yourself in a position where your hobby could be something more.

What usually starts for most as a part-time hobby can quickly evolve into brand opportunities, advertising revenue, sponsorship and more for some of the lucky few.

The dreaded tax return

Taking the leap from a hobby or part-time earner into a full-time profession is quite the daunting experience and this situation really puts you in a position of weighing up your options. Going self-employed is stepping into the world of the unknown but the positives far outweigh the negatives of doing that dreaded tax-return once a year.

You can work from anywhere in the world writing about the topics you love, you can grow your blog and work with brands that you know and love. You can experience exclusive content before the public in your sector and even find yourself being invited to various events for coverage and networking. Once you lay the foundations, your dedication towards the blog will be the building blocks towards where you can take it forward.

Marketing via Social Media is key towards evolving from a part-time hobby to a full-time profession if this is something you wish to pursue. Frequent posts, collaborations with other bloggers and setting up your core social media accounts are key. FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram all offer their own unique ways of promotion. My personal favourite is Instagram as you can centre images around your blog, your lifestyle and add your own personal flair to it along the way. No text needed, not a great deal of work is needed and you can really promote your site in a visual medium.

Your only limit is your imagination. Do you keep your blog as a hobby to test the waters? Do you feel as thou the blog could be self sustaining? Are you currently receiving opportunities that warrant a serious part-time to full-time consideration?


I can’t answer any of these questions for you, but have a think about it and then decide for yourself. I was in a terrible 9-5 job and decided to take the leap some four years ago and i’ve never looked back, it worked out for me but not every story will be the same.

Do you dare to take the leap?

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