Northskull Black Onyx & Perforated Gold Skull Charm Bracelet Review


Northskull were a brand I only found out about recently (Crazy I know). I loved the look of their packaging and the quality of the products on offer. I quickly snapped up a bracelet and only a matter of days later it arrived.

NorthSkull Bracelet Packaging

The packaging is a clean black draw box with a leather bag inside that holds your bracelet. The draw box takes inspiration from the likes of Louis Vuitton. But the material it’s made from a more rigged material. It doesn’t exactly slide out very smoothly at all. Once the frustration of opening the box is complete, we are presented with a lovely thick leather carry-bag for the bracelet. The leather is superb quality, so much so that the whole box stunk of leather and still does to this day.

This black Onyx bracelet comes complete with the Northskull metallic signature skull. The black and gold looks clean and the luxury comes in with the semi-precious stones and an 18kt gold finish on the skull.

It’s a stylish addition to any bracelets you decide to accesorise with it. I personally will be purchasing an Hermes’ Hapi 3 bracelet to accompany the piece in the near future. Another item to review!

Smart and eye-catching this Northskull bracelet should be a must-have for any luxury connoisseur. The Black Onyx & Perforated Gold Skull Charm Bracelet is usually £95 but NorthSkull currently have it discounted at £55 so snap it up while it’s cheap!

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