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I’ve read countless articles that suggest against monetising a passion unless it’s financially viable and whilst I agree somewhat with that sentence (depending on your actual passion in question) what’s to say that any passion can’t be monetised? Already an article about following your dreams and chasing a passion is putting you off the only thing you opened the article for in the first place.

If your passion is sleeping all day it’s not exactly going to be a money maker unless your dreams are a lucid inspiration of story-telling genius. If your passion however is sitting on the sofa, drinking beer and watching the football you instantly have two or even three options in there of which you could make money from potentially. Sofa, beer and football. You could set up a furnishings blog, a beer review blog or a sports blog. Why not combine the beer and the football topics and run with a combination blog? The possibilities really are endless when you start dissecting your passions and whilst my example here is a little extreme in terms of the lightly used word ‘hobby’ it’s just a point i’m making that just about anything can be blogged about and tailored to something you would actually enjoy writing about. If you’re worried about spelling or grammar, don’t be. I’m a terrible speller and my grammar is nothing short of appalling. I just close my eyes and add full stops and comma’s without thinking a great deal. I sucked at English in school and I still suck now. If your content is good, interesting, intriguing and eye-catching you won’t have a problem. I’ve seen professional media outlets with mis-spelled or even missing words in every article and they seem to be doing just fine. Some people out there will pick up on the errors if there are any but if you’re really that concerned get a friend or family member to proof-read and check your content before you post that way you’ll feel more comfatable when you hit that publish button.

Blog from anywhere

If you love something and really have an intrigue and interest for it that will never fade or die over time then you have a golden opportunity to turn it into something profitable. Don’t work for money, make money work for you. If you’re talking about things you enjoy with the freedom to contribute to your blog from anywhere in the world with a wi-fi connection then it’s hardly going to feel like work talking about beer, sport, movies, books or politics for example on a boat in the Maldives, A beach hut in Miami, a swanky hotel or even just from the comfort of your own home with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Wherever your passions lie you can easily tailor them into a paid hobby and live a life where work doesn’t feel stressful or tedious. If you enjoy your job, it never really feels like work does it?

The only tools you need

This article isn’t a ‘how to’ or a quick and easy guide to make money from your blog, that’s for you to do the research and find out. Quite simply this article says it can be done and whilst it may not take off straight away or bring in riches beyond your wildest dreams. Blogging can be a great side-earner and if you play your cards right and the traffic flies in then the possibilities are endless for your future and the expansion from hobby into a fully self supporting business begins.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Be sensible about it, do your research, find a gap in the market, hunt it down and make it your own.

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