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As I write this article my Million Dollar Blogger Instagram page stands at 31 followers in a few days. Yes 31. So why should you listen to someone who you probably have more followers than?

Because I know i’m going to be working on that page each and everyday with motivation that seems all but lost on the majority of people exploring social media marketing. It’s all about motivation, if you can’t be bothered to promote yourself frequently and post often then why should you expect others to care about what you’re posting, let alone engage with it?

My personal account has a modest 1400 followers but once again it’s not a big number. I’m very new to the Instagram scene and how it can help to increase business revenue and traffic to your site. I’m still learning new ways to approach the content I post and so I, much like you who is reading this article are in the same position of wanting to expand followers and increase awareness.

The key to Instagram is posting frequent engaging content that is targeted towards your brand, site or your own personality. A personal Instagram should be a reflection of yourself, your hobbies, your interests, details of your life you want to share. Your business account should rotate around the topic of your site or business. Don’t saturate it with content constantly plugging items you sell or are talking about, mix it up, draw influence from other pages. Work with other Instagrammers on collaborations and just have fun with it.

People make 1000’s of pounds a day posting sponsored images for companies, keep at it and you might be just one of them. Even my personal account consisting of a teeny tiny 1400 followers has had paid posts in the past before. Post frequently, target hashtags wisely, don’t over saturate them and have fun.

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