Iceland’s Blue Lagoon to Feature a Luxury Hotel

Blue Lagoon Suite

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a popular tourist destination attracting more than 700,000 visitors alone in 2014 and that number has only increased more and more so ever since.

It has been announced that the first luxury hotel is to be built on-site, with access to a private swimming area set apart from the main body of the lagoon. Construction is already underway and the hotel is set to open this autumn.

Named Moss Hotel, it will offer 62 rooms with freestanding bathtubs with breath-taking views overlooking the surrounding volcanic landscape.

The hotel will be part of a complex that will also include Lava Cove, a subterranean spa using the same geothermal water as the blue lagoon.

For the more exclusive experience you can rent out a self-contained spa called Hidden Cove. This spa comes with a butler, on-call chef and a private masseuse to go along with your own private section of the lagoon.

In addition to the hotel and spa, Moss Restaurant will serve up traditional Icelandic dishes. A beautiful bar sits on the top floor with views over the landscape.

For more information about the hotel and the grand-opening you can go to

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