Escape From the Hustle with this Palm Springs Retreat

Palm Springs Bathroom

Actress Suzanne Somers has her Palm Springs 73 acre retreat on the market.

This glamorous estate was modeled after L’oustau De Baumaniere in Provence, France. The property oozes a romantic vibe and is set into the side of a mountainside above the valley in Mesa Canyon.

Photo Credit – Hilton & Hyland

There are a total of five buildings to explore including one master suite house, a diming and living room, a seperate two-room kitchen, wine cellar and a stone guest house designed in the 1920’s. An outdoor amphitheater carved into the mountain that seats 50 and if that doesn’t satisfy your every need you have a tranquil meditation garden, pool, spa and waterfall to really ease all of those worries away.

Photo Credit – Hilton & Hyland

The owners are asking for around $14.5 million which is a steep discount from the listed price of $35 million when it was last on the market in 2008.

You can find out more information about the property here – https://www.toptenrealestatede home-deals/2017/03-20-2017/      

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