Ellen DeGeneres’s Montecito Home

The wonderful, bubbly talk host Ellen DeGeneres has her Montecito home on the market. Famous for her TV show, headlining numerous Hollywood award shows and her frequent charity work Ellen is at the top of her career and this property reflects that ambition and success.
Photo Credit – Jim Bartsch
A dreamy paradise Ellen and wife Portia purchased the Montecito home in 2013 overlooking the ocean and mountains atop the Californian hills. Designed by noted architect Wallace Frost after returning from Italy. Entranced by 17th century Italian villas, this was the home he envisioned and built for himself and his family, which he replicated with great accuracy.
Photo Credit – Jim Bartsch
They spared no expense in modernizing the historic property for a relaxed California lifestyle. An absolutely incredible home with wide open planned spaces and a kitchen that makes me hungry just looking at it.
Photo Credit – Jim Bartsch
Ellen and Portia have recently placed their romantic Montecito, California 1930’s Italian villa on the market. Priced at $45 million. For more information on the property you can go to – https://www.toptenrealestatede als.com/homes/weekly-ten-best- home-deals/2017/03-20-2017/      

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