Dream Big Achieve Big


The information on this page is for guidance only. Not everyone may agree with what is on this page but I know this works for myself as-well as others. Only you can affect your future, not me, not my opinions. Just you.

Dream big. Achieve big.

2013 the first time I went to Los Angeles.

The motto that takes centre stage on this website and a phrase I conjured up some four years ago that helps me maintain focus at every obstacle I approach along my journey. For me, it’s a way of looking past the now and looking at something I can physically control in my future if the present circumstances aren’t working out the way I feel they should.

Success is more of a mental barrier than anything else. Always second guessing yourself, wondering if you’re good enough or merely just settling for something consistent or safe without desiring to push the barriers due to the risk involved. It’s perfectly understandable to feel this way but the flip side to holding yourself back could be a much happier future both yourself, your family and those around you. If you believe you can do something then your mental state will put every ounce of effort into that belief until you persevere and get better at it. As a result you then improve and then utilise your new skill for profit or progression in whatever career you find yourself in.

Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

Ever since I was young I’ve always have big hopes and high aspirations. Back then it was all a dream where-as now I’m in a position to do something about it. Like now, if i’m going somewhere I would make sure I went to the best places, experienced the things I wanted to experience and find a way of making it happen even if the financial cost was out of my reach. If something was ludacriously unachievable I’d surround myself with it, view it, look at it and set it as a benchmark for the future. A good example being the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. A 7 star hotel that I’ve wanted to visit for the best part of half a decade. As this is something that’s out of reach currently for a variety of reasons I would watch video reviews of the room tours, I’d watch documentaries on how the hotel was built and surround myself with images and media relating to the hotel. Something to look forward to, to explore and to reach for in the future. I’ve done the same with hotels and even property tours of houses I’d love to own one day. I know one day in the future I’ll hop on that Emirates jet and visit that hotel, it’s only a matter of time.

Burj Al Arab – Dubai

All of the above is part of a positive process that can really put your mind into a more focused place. If you can dream it, you can achieve it but it all depends on just how much you really want it. Anyone can achieve anything if they have that desire. If you’ve always wanted to visit somewhere, do it. If you’ve always wanted to do something, do it. No questions asked. If finances are an issue, they shouldn’t be. Focus on a way to make it happen as there will always be an avenue you can take to get there one way or another. Maybe not straight away, but in time and that’s the goal. From the age of 20 I’d always wanted to visit LA, walk down Hollywood Boulevard and soak in the californian sunshine. Only a few years later I managed to get a job offer out in LA for three months on a movie. I worked towards it, I made it happen and I stood atop Mount Lee with the Hollywood sign just below my feet. Anything is within reach.

Always keep dreaming, forever keep achieving.

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