Confidence Is Key

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Now don’t take the title to heart and turn into the next Conor McGregor. Too much confidence can be a deal-breaker so you need to find the right balance of confidence in every walk of life. I myself find that I’m unconfident in some area’s yet incredibly confident when it comes to business meetings and self promotion. When it comes to business that confidence is your key to success.

Think about a situation in your career where you haven’t decided to do something because you didn’t feel confident enough to do so, or confident enough to ask. Think about another situation in your life (not necessarily work) where if you had more confidence the situation would have played out much better than it actually did.

The reason you hold yourself back is simply self doubt. You’re afraid of the outcome if you speak out or act upon whatever confident leap you’re debating with yourself.

Now whilst some people may never amass the right amount of confidence to get to where they need to go, some can and with the right attitude, everyone can. It’s really all about who you are as a person and if you can build yourself up to do something out of the ordinary.

I’ll give you an example. When I set up this new blog only a few days ago, I had an idea in mind to approach smaller independent names for brand exposure and collaborations rather than going for the big names. I was under the impression that big names wouldn’t look twice at me or give me the time of day with me being a new site. This was the unconfident thought in my mind. Even if the site stemmed from a popular blog I still didn’t think it would be enough of a selling point to work with any big brand name. After some serious debate and dutch courage I sent out four emails to four big companies rather than smaller independent ones. Within the first few days I had one of those big companies reply and after a meeting we’ll be working together on the websites first brand collaboration. The first brand we’ll be working with will be a huge global name and that to me is mind blowing.

If that self doubt had built up I’d have never even thought about messaging in a million years for the fear of embarrassing myself or getting instant rejection in this new venture. I plucked at a tiny string of courage and took the leap and thankfully this time it paid off.

Confidence in business will lead to avenues that you could never think possible. If you feel like no one else would ask or request this, or you feel like you’ll be alone or singled out in your request, think about this. You might just be the only one and that’s not a bad thing. Others might have shied away from doing exactly what you want to do, and if you’re the only one pushing for that advance or pushing for that something extra then you may just be rewarded for it. Take a chance, utilise your confidence and make it happen.

Only you can shape your future, stop beating yourself up and just get on with it.

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