Bugatti Chiron Has Landed

Bugatti Chiron

The first review of the Bugatti Chiron was supposedly given to Top Gear to release on this Sunday’s episode but it seems as thou someone else has managed to upload (with or without permission) a review before them.

Indie car-review page Carfection released a YouTube video yesterday going over this beautiful beast.

The Chiron is the world’s most powerful, fastest and most exclusive production super sports car on the market. Packing 1500 horsepower the Chiron is limited to just 500 units worldwide and is limited to just a mere 260mph. The top anticipated speed for the Chiron is said to be around 288mph.

I’m no car expert, far from. But I know for sure that this car is just mind-blowing in both asthetic and statistics. The Bugatti Chiron is head and shoulders above the rest to the point where the veyron is referred as ‘grandpa’ in the clip below. Enjoy the video!

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