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When I was first invited to London for a meeting the first thing I looked into was how to make an impression. Once free-falling out of a plane, opening up my Union Jack parachute and landing in the lobby of the office I had my meeting in was no longer an option. I decided on arriving by chauffeur. Nothing says class like someone opening the door of a beautiful car for you and people noticing you, it’s a great feeling. If you make an impression people will remember you, it’s as simple as that. I was pretty certain no one else would arrive in the same way as I was planning but after crawling through websites of numerous chauffeur companies I couldn’t find one that was even close to being labelled ‘affordable’. So instantly this put me off the idea rather abruptly.

Huge numbers were being charged for such small journeys, £200 for a 20 minute ride, £350 for the same ride but in a Rolls Royce Phantom, £500 in an Escalade or other similar SUV if you were travelling in a group. On the verge of giving up I saw a google advert that had been tailored to my painfully unrewarding search history and up popped the name of the company, Blacklane.

Blacklane is a professionally licensed driving company operating in 236 cities worldwide with no surge pricing attached to any of their fleet.

When I first used Blacklane around three years ago they had a different system than they do today. Back then you were only able to choose Business or First Class options. At first I chose the slightly cheaper business option but I’d always seem to get a first class car picking which I always thought was incredible. Maybe this was down to the availability of the drivers but either-way I wasn’t complaining. Instead of an E-Class Mercedes picking me up it seemed to be an S-Class which made even more of an impression with certain events I have attended over the years.

Now the site has implemented a new four tier system. You have your Economy cars which are the same as any standard Uber car or taxi. This is certainly the cheapest option. Then comes your Business class choices which would be a Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series or similar. After that you have your SUV’s for group bookings which would mean you’d be picked up by a Mercedes Viano, Escalade or similar and finally the first class option which is Blacklane’s elite fleet of S-Class Mercedes, BMW 7 Series or similar.

Blacklane Pricing

When it comes to the pricing, you’re really not going to burn a hole in your wallet anytime soon. A journey in the Economy tier can start around £30. Which is the same price as a 30 minute taxi journey in London if not cheaper. Business class is around £50 minimum, Business SUV is around the £70 mark minimum and first-class is just under £100 minimum. Prices vary depending on how long your journey is but you do have the option of booking drivers in hourly slots. These prices once again vary but I managed to get an introductory code the first time I used Blacklane that had my S-Class driver booked for three hours at a heavily discounted rate. It was so fun being driven around the streets of London at 3am in a Mercedes just listening to the engine purr.

Me with Mohammed. My Blacklane chauffeur for the BAFTA’s.

Great Service, Great Price

Blacklane really are a cut above the rest. They’re cheaper than most chauffeur companies but that doesn’t mean they shy away from quality. Complimentary bottles of water and the morning’s newspapers are all ready in the car when you arrive. Every driver I’ve met has been fun, friendly and incredibly helpful with every trip I’ve been on. The only niggle that I have with the service is that after you book your driver, you are contacted on the morning of your booked trip. This is very last minute but I am assured it’s something that is being looked into. It would be nice to get that peace of mind a little further in advance and then a text the morning of the trip to confirm but that’s just me and my organised self.

In Conclusion

I’d thoroughly recommend Blacklane services if you’re planning a special business trip, romantic getaway or even just fancy treating yourself to a little slice of luxury for a day. You can’t go wrong with Blacklane and you certainly won’t break the bank.

Head on over to Blacklane’s website HERE

Funnily enough this post isn’t a sponsored post. This post was written of my own free will as a long running customer of their service. However if Blacklane are reading this and wish to shower me in free / discounted journey’s. Who am I to say no?

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